Thursday, November 3, 2016

CamScanner at Conferences

Sitting at an awkward angle but want to capture the preso with quality? Use CamScanner.

It will automatically crop, keystone and optimize your image. Then, collect a series of them in a folder than can be exported as a PDF for sharing with colleagues or for archiving purposes.

Go from


Collect them in folder:

Share them out via PDF!

Click here to download CamScanner for Android or here on iTunes.
Thursday, June 23, 2016

Adobe Spark: Now available for Chromebooks!

Who doesn't love a good story?  When it comes to storytelling, there are several dozen really good apps and websites that allow students to create, narrate and publish their stories.

In my opinion, the best iOS app for students to use to tell a story was Adobe Voice.  Type a title, add a slide, choose a layout, select an image/icon (thousands to choose from!), record your voice, repeat, publish.

Despite the brilliance of the Adobe Voice app, the biggest drawback is that this app was only available for the iPad and you could only authenticate with an Adobe ID.


Adobe Voice was recently rebranded to Adobe Spark.  Best part of the rebranding is that it now is available as a web app (available for Chromebooks!), and you can now authenticate with Google!

Here's a video I recently made using Adobe Spark about my love for Adobe Spark:

(see how Adobe Spark videos can be embedded, too?!) all it needs is Google Classroom integration (wishful thinking?).

Ready to tell your story, leave a comment with a link to your Adobe Spark video!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

3 Easy Ways to Improve Google Slides Graphics

Image Masking

Don't settle on original, rectangular images. Change the image mask to customize the shape of the image.

1. Crop the image as necessary. To mask the image with a circle, the original image must be square (1:1).

2. Select a shape for the mask. Click the dropdown arrow next to the crop button.

3. (Optional) Add a border. Some images look great with a border. Others look best with clean lines. Play around with the border color and weight until you arrive at a desirable effect.

Transparent Colors

Most slides contain a a plain ol' white text box. Instead, fill the box with a transparent color and place it over an image background.

1. Fill the background with an image.

2. Select a custom fill color for the title text box. Adjust the transparency.

3. Adjust the height, length and text alignment of the text box.

(Optional) Any shape can become a text box by double-clicking on it!

Edit the Master

Check out my previous post about editing the master slides and inserting some fun bullets rather than the typical dots and arrows.

Try out these enhancements for yourself and post a link to your creation in the comments below!
Thursday, May 12, 2016

Top 3 Apps to Remove Backgrounds from Pics on a Chromebook

Mission: remove the background from a pic on a Chromebook.  Macs have Preview/Keynote.  Windows has MS Word.  Chromebooks have...web apps.  My top 3 apps are as follows:

Edit Photos For Free's

How it's done:


How it's done:

How it's done:

Know of others?  Include them in the comments below!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sweeten Up Your Presos with Custom Bullets!

Bored with circles and squares to organize your talking points? Sweeten up your presentations with custom bullets!

STEP 1: Create a new Presentation. Use my Google Docs Quick Create extension for 1-click creation!

STEP 2: Pick a theme and select Slide --> Edit master.

STEP 3: Within the topmost Master slide, right click a bullet and select More bullets...

STEP 4: Find a new bullet! Browse for, search for or draw your desired bullet...I searched for Candy.

STEP 5: Repeat for the remaining levels. Your selections will carry over to all other Slide layouts.

BONUS: You can do the same thing in Google Docs.

So let's see those funky new docs and presos. Post links to your examples in the comments below!