Google@VVSD - Now with gScholar!

What I love about Google is that it just works.  Nearly every one of their apps works seamlessly with the others to create an environment that is comprehensive in function yet simplistic in design.  I designed the above image map to depict how Valley View School District envisions its Google Apps environment.  I'm sure you will recognize the majority of the apps represented above, but the ones you might not be familiar with are:

Okta provides for us true single-sign abilities in our current Active Directory-managed environment.

gScholar provides a Teacher Dashboard and Admin Console that is used to manage the Google Apps environment in the classroom:

The best part about gScholar, is that it's only $800/domain/yr!  It also comes with a slew of device management and geolocation features that other educational Google Apps management consoles fail to provide.  For more information on gScholar, click here:

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