Screencastify: A Quick and Easy Screencasting Solution for your Chromebook!

To completely negate my previous post about the nonexistence of Chromebook screencasting solutions, I have since found a fantastic little extension called Screencastify.  This is EXACTLY what I've been waiting for since discovering that the only way to do a screencast on a Chromebook is to have a solo Hangout on Air.

Screencastify has the ability to record a tab or the entire desktop.  The Record Desktop feature works cross-platform: Windows, Mac or ChromeOS.  It can also record in various resolutions and with two different audio input configurations: system audio or microphone.

When the screencast is finished, it can be renamed and stored within the extension popup window until you download it (as a .webm file), upload it to YouTube or delete it.  Best part of all is that it's lightning quick. 

Now students w/ Chromebooks can quickly capture, narrate and share their learning with you, the teacher! 

Check out my screencast below and see for yourself!

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