Use Google Slides as a Desktop Publisher

"I want my students to take my template, fill it out, submit it to me but leave the layout of the document in tact.  How can I accomplish this?"

Ever since teachers have begun using Google Classroom, I've heard this question more than any other.  I hear it most often in my own district as students are moving from using Pages on their MacBooks to using Google Docs on their Chromebooks.  Students and teachers alike have been accustomed to using the "not-really-a-word-processing-software" (Pages) as a way to create/fillout digital worksheets.

The problem?  Google Docs isn't a Desktop Publishing solution.  You can't insert text boxes, word art, or images anywhere you'd like within the document...

...but you can in Google Slides!

Oh, and you can make a Google Presentation look like a document by changing the page size!

Now, you and your students can add text boxes to your heart's content.  Make the background a graphic organizer, copy and paste articles, insert YouTube videos, or anything else you want/need to create your template.  Send it to students via Google Classroom and voila, individualized digital workbooks.

And it prints just like a document, (or save as PDF).

Happy publishing!

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