3 Easy Ways to Improve Google Slides Graphics

Image Masking

Don't settle on original, rectangular images. Change the image mask to customize the shape of the image.

1. Crop the image as necessary. To mask the image with a circle, the original image must be square (1:1).

2. Select a shape for the mask. Click the dropdown arrow next to the crop button.

3. (Optional) Add a border. Some images look great with a border. Others look best with clean lines. Play around with the border color and weight until you arrive at a desirable effect.

Transparent Colors

Most slides contain a title...in a plain ol' white text box. Instead, fill the box with a transparent color and place it over an image background.

1. Fill the background with an image.

2. Select a custom fill color for the title text box. Adjust the transparency.

3. Adjust the height, length and text alignment of the text box.

(Optional) Any shape can become a text box by double-clicking on it!

Edit the Master

Check out my previous post about editing the master slides and inserting some fun bullets rather than the typical dots and arrows.

Try out these enhancements for yourself and post a link to your creation in the comments below!

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