Adobe Spark: Now available for Chromebooks!

Who doesn't love a good story?  When it comes to storytelling, there are several dozen really good apps and websites that allow students to create, narrate and publish their stories.

In my opinion, the best iOS app for students to use to tell a story was Adobe Voice.  Type a title, add a slide, choose a layout, select an image/icon (thousands to choose from!), record your voice, repeat, publish.

Despite the brilliance of the Adobe Voice app, the biggest drawback is that this app was only available for the iPad and you could only authenticate with an Adobe ID.


Adobe Voice was recently rebranded to Adobe Spark.  Best part of the rebranding is that it now is available as a web app (available for Chromebooks!), and you can now authenticate with Google!

Here's a video I recently made using Adobe Spark about my love for Adobe Spark:

(see how Adobe Spark videos can be embedded, too?!) all it needs is Google Classroom integration (wishful thinking?).

Ready to tell your story, leave a comment with a link to your Adobe Spark video!

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