eduClipper is Pinterest meets Portfolio for Education

Pinterest is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to find, organize and share web content.  However, like most social media sites, it's riddled with ads, contains some mildly inappropriate content, and is blocked by most school web filters.

EduClipper aims to solve this dilemma.

EduClipper, a social web platform for teachers and students alike, has been around since 2012.  The premise is a familiar one: teachers browse web content, "clips" the content into a "clipboard" which can then be shared to anyone.  Teachers can even reclip content that others have already added to their clipboards.  What makes it stand apart from Pinterest?

1.) Pinterest meets Google Drive: Teachers can upload content directly from their Google Drive. Anything that has already been added and organized to Google Drive can now be added to a clipboard to provide a more visually pleasing experience.

2.) Pinterest meets Skitch: Teachers can annotate their clips.  Aside from clipping a portion of a web page, teachers can add text, drawings, arrows, etc. over the image to clarify the content.

3.) Pinterest meets Seesaw/Explain Everything: Using the iOS app, teachers can add clips by taking photos using the camera tool (making the nondigital digital) or recording a digital whiteboard cast.

4.) Pinterest meets Wikis: Teachers can create classes of students and allow students to collaborate on clipboards!

5.) Pinterest meets Portfolios: Students are able to select their best digital work and add it to a portfolio for others to view.

Are you already a user of eduClipper?  Share how you use the platform in the comments below!

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