Logitech Rugged Combo Case for New iPad Review

I have the privilege of having one of the first Logitech Rugged Combo Cases for the New 9.7" iPad to demo.  I thought I'd do my civic duty to provide an overall first impression of the case through the lens of an Instructional Technology Specialist.  Take a look at the pics and captions below:

Combo Case closed.  Sturdy, non-slip and tight fit.

Combo Case open.  Sturdy, good line-of-sight.
"Top" view. Access to headphone jack and microphone. Power button cover is tight and responsive.
"Bottom" view. Lightning cable jack is redirected since Keyboard is powered by iPad.  Speak cutouts provide audio routing to user.
40° range.  Stress upon hinge seems minimal.  
Back View. Camera cutout. Hinge has double-sided, double-stitched luggage-grade fabric that offers durable flexibility.
Back View Under Support.  Clear window for asset tag!
Front View.  Secure connector connects using iPad power.  No need to charge Keyboard Case nor connect via Bluetooth!
Front View.  Connected.  Top row keys include (L to R): Home, brightness, search, keyboard hide/show, Siri, SCREENSHOT BUTTON!, iTunes control, Volume, Lock
Combo Case device information available in Settings --> General --> About menu

Overall Pros:
  • Reduced risk of damaged hinge (no metal to bend, plastic to snap off, nor screws to lose)
  • Tight, durable fit of iPad within case
  • No charging necessary (uses iPads power...according to battery usage, no drainage detected)
  • No need to connect to Bluetooth (uses proprietary Secure Connector)
  • Clear Asset Tag (or whatever) window on back
  • Well spaced and responsive typing
  • Price point for Education (~$100!)
  • 3-Year Warranty
Overall Concerns:
  • While case seems thick and durable to protect screen and drops from 6', the Keyboard itself is thin and cased in plastic that is juuuuuuuuust to thin to my liking..
  • Keys are able to be popped off, but the Space Bar (most commonly lost key at my school) seems more secure than the rest.
  • Stress test results for opening/closing/strain on support hinge?  Seems sturdy, but time will tell.
I'm currently accepting reviews of the case from faculty and staff at my school.  They have been using the ZAGG Rugged Book for the past two years.  I'll update this post when the results are in.  Check back soon!

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